I do make some videos from time to time to inform clients or show what or how I do things. These are here in newest to oldest order. Actual public media can be found below my stuff. You can find more of my stuff on YouTube, but some of it might be a little silly or frivolous. Just search on YouTube for “Woodsman Forest Products”.

Some of my nicer higher end products include the use of Rite Legs. In this video I show how Install them and why I use them.

This short video tells a little bit about my Trip to Rentz, GA in April 2023 to share a weekend with some of the best Sawyers I know in the country and swap ideas and skills. It was a great trip.

Work in progress, April 2023

If you seen the bar photos in my Gallery, you can watch a series in this playlist on You Tube and a small amount of the work that was involved in that build. Our you can just skip to the last episode for the summary.

Building a Home Bar

Well it’s not often I find myself in the news, or on radio, video, or other form of media. As long as it isn’t in the ‘Police Beat’ section of the local paper, I suppose it’s all good. This past year has seen some of this unusual activity here, so I am including links, both so others can read them, and so I can find them if I need them later for evidence or something. Listed in order from newest to oldest.