I am a very small business, in fact a sole proprietor, and you can’t get any smaller than a one man show, can you? I could not operate with any form of success if I did not rely on other companies, people, or entities to help me out. I have come to identify and rely on small number of businesses, groups, or organizations for support, materials, supplies, and education. Without these folks I would not be doing what I am doing, or nearly as well. Almost all of these are small, or at least smaller operations focused around their own people and customers. I think it’s important and the very least I can do to share the word about them. Like me, they are just trying to do good work. Some of them were hard to find, so maybe I can save somebody a little trouble. I would not list them here unless my experience with them had not been top notch. To avoid picking favorites, I have them listed in alphabetical order. I don’t have any financial interest is these folks, nor am I paid for the endorsement. These folks earned their way onto ‘my list’ by virtue of what they do, and how well they do it, nothing else. This is just my way of pointing out folks who have helped me along my path and saying “Thank You”.

Schooner Apollonia. I first met these folks while working on the “Logs to NYC” project and I was hooked instantly. Great folks, great crew, unique mission, and a beautiful boat with strong ties to history and eyes toward the future. What’s not to like? Maybe they could help with your small Catskills based business too? In any event, what they are doing provides education and provokes thought. You won’t find a harder working or more dedicated crew sailing the Hudson these days, that’s for certain. Check them out: http://www.schoonerapollonia.com/


Bluecreeper is a small company in Vernon, CT based around a single product. This lubricant works very well to free up stuck mechanisms as well as lubricate functional ones. I have used this in both situations and found it to be a good, clean, non-gumming way to keep things working both inside and outside my shop. I keep several bottles around and use it when the challenging or valuable stuff comes up. They have a sewing machine version which is great for instruments and other delicate mechanisms. It’s not as well known as it should be, so check them out here: https://bluecreeper.com/

Catskill Forest Association. Just about anyone who I have done any property consulting for has heard of these folks, because I tell them. A small group that is dedicated to the stewardship of the Catskill forest through education, consulting, and work with local landowners on all things having to do with the forest and it’s health. Membership costs are reasonable and well worth the cost. They provide a host of services, events, and training. In addition, they conduct a weekly Radio show on WIOX, Roxbury every Wednesday evening from 6-7pm. Check them out here: https://catskillforest.org/

Catskill Fungi. You can learn a little more about them on my mushroom pages. Founded by John Michelotti, Catskill Fungi is a prime mover and shaker in the Mushroom world, particularly in the Hudson Valley. Working out of Big Indian, NY they provide mushroom products, and educational experiences for Growers, Foragers, and other educators. I can’t say enough nice things about John and his company. More info: https://catskillfungi.com/

Cornell Small Farms Program has been a huge help to me. Making connections and getting started would have been a lot harder in the mushroom game without them. In fact I first became aware of mushroom logs through Cornell. Whether you have a small farm, large garden, an interest in agroforestry or something related, this may be a good place to start They have a wealth of information on their pages as well as continuing education programs, webinars, online learning and a host of reference materials available. Check them out here: https://smallfarms.cornell.edu/


I don’t know where I would be without The Forestry Forum. When I first found this internet forum and began reading more and more each day it rekindled the joy I used to have when working with wood and trees and doing things that felt good. Unlike many internet groups, this one is well moderated and family friendly. In fact in some ways it is like a family for me. I have made friends here that I have been able to meet with in person and build some great relationships. The learning for me never stops on the forum. Populated with very knowledgeable folks from all walks and trades as well as life experiences. Woodworkers, loggers, lumber folks, some scientific types, builders, heavy equipment folks, and sawyers just to name a few. Helpful people who just seem to want to help others succeed, learn, and grow. Membership is free and the rules are simple (so make sure you read them). This is far from a ‘good ol’ boys network’. Check it out: https://.forestryforum.com

Logrite is a company I found early in my sawmilling ventures. Based in Vernon, CT and the parent company of Bluecreeper (Above) as well as Rite Leg (below) they are a high quality manufacturer of log handling tools and gear. They even have a local distributor here in the Hudson Valley (Sheldon Hill Forestry). As someone with over 45 years in the manufacturing business and also a designer of tools myself, it is pretty easy to recognize when a company is ‘on the jazz’ with their products and these folks have it all going on. The detail in design, as well as each tool built is more than evident and becomes even more apparent as you use their tools. I can’t say enough about these folks and it is always a pleasure to call tem with questions, because they know and do whatever they can to help a person out. A big winner here for sure: Logrite.com

The Rite Leg Company makes beautiful legs for tables, benches, stools, and bars. Another high quality flawless product from the LogRite family of companies. The only way to really appreciate how well they dress up a fine build project is to actually put these legs on one of your projects. I keep their catalogs in my shops for customers to consider for their custom builds. Adding their work to mine always presents a gorgeous end result which makes for very happy clients. As always, their phone support is excellent. Check out the maple table in my furniture gallery to see an example. Great products. https://ritelegco.com

Unlike any other entity on this page Skull Bucket Mfg Co is a larger non-local company. They are in Texas, so they have that going for them. But I can’t help but mention their product, which I use. When you are a weekend warrior as I used to be, you can get away with a bit and use less expensive gear. But when you shift into full time work, you need to think things through a little more and get more durable gear. Safety gear is not something to save money on. I got tired of replacing hard hats every few years because they ‘expired’. The last time I had to replace my hat I made the jump to an aluminum hard hat which never expires unless damaged. Of course it costs a lot more than a $20. hat, but it’s worth it. I am hoping it’s good for the rest of my life. Just 10 days after I started breaking in my new Skull Bucket I took a window-maker in the head. Not a scratch on the helmet after we found it fifteen feet away in the bushes. When my vision cleared I was right back to work. If you are looking for a good quality hard hat, check these guys out: https://www.skullbucket.com/