Buyer’s Checklist

Here’s a quick checklist to review and think about before you call about ordering. You can find more detailed information on the Guide to Buying Mushroom Logs page.

  • Timeline: When do you need your logs? What can you live with? Plan ahead.
  • Log Species: What do you want? What do you need? What will you accept? Species are on an “as available basis” so have some alternates in mind.
  • Size: Standard logs are between 4 and 8″ diameter and are 40″ long with an occasional shorter one. Totem Logs are 10″ diameter and up. If you need something different please be ready to discuss.
  • Delivery or Pick-up: Which do you prefer? Delivery is charged by the mile based on fuel costs. If you are picking up, consider size (see above) and weight (see below) in getting the proper transport method.
  • Load/Unload: If you pick up, I can assist with loading, but the vehicle load and security is your responsibility. If I deliver, unloading is your responsibility. I will assist, but will not carry to a distant location. I will neither load or unload for you without your help. If I deliver, can I get the truck and trailer up to your unloading point?
  • Weight: Consider that standard logs weigh between 20 and 50 pounds each. Totem logs can weigh up to 200 pounds each. Multiply the number of logs by the average weight to know if you vehicle/trailer can handle it. A 40 log load is about 1,200 pounds or what a half ton pickup truck can handle.
  • Firm up the deal: Ask questions to make sure you understand the costs, Delivery terms, Log sizes and species, and delivery or pickup details.

Summary: My current pricing (March 2022) is $5.00/log for standard logs and $10.00/log for totems. Delivery is a sliding scale based on fuel costs but I am currently quoting $1.25/mile from my yard for each way. (If you are 50 miles away, that is a 100 mile delivery). Please call or email to discuss any questions and leave plenty of time. I don’t cut logs until I have a firm order. Lead time is usually within 3 weeks during the cutting seasons. I cut in winter (Late December to late March) then can’t cut again until the trees leaf out and stabilize around late June. So I can cut from late June up to the early fall. All cutting is weather dependent. Please read the other information available on the rest of the website. It is meant to be helpful. (845)633-4319

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