Making Good Things from Poor Trees

What do you need in Wood?

What's the deal here?

For half a century I have spent countless hours days and weeks in the woods. One recurring thought was how much waste there was when trees die or a woodlot was left to it’s own to decay. I always thought I could do something with that wood and a few years ago I began to work on that. There is a lot of wonder yet to be had in even an old rotten log. (Take a look at my gallery, much of that came from old rotten logs.)

Now I’m an old guy, retired from many decades in the manufacturing world.  Working almost always in metal. I’ve had enough of that. During that time I have retreated to the woods where I spent my youth. Any woods, any where is when I most feel at peace. Now is my time to do what I love instead of what I need.  I need to help other folks and do what I love.  Finding trees, getting logs, making lumber and then using that to make ‘things’ is the current passion. In my years tramping the woods I learned many things I have thought useless to most folk. Apparently there are folks who could use that knowledge and experience. If you need something made, advice on how to manage your small piece of earth, perhaps I can help. I can’t make you a museum quality piece of furniture, but I can make you something solid, functional, and very pretty that will serve you and your family for many decades. What’s more, that piece is made from local Catskills trees. I only use trees that have been cut for other reasons such as wind damage, disease, or death. I look for the attributes each log presents and try to make what I think the log is telling me to make. Tell me what you need and desire. Let’s work together.

Poke around the site a bit, visit the Gallery, read some Ramblings, and use the contact page to send me any questions or discuss what you have in mind.